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  • By ferry from Piraeus: During the summer there is a daily service from Piraeus to the islands of Small Cyclades by ferry. It takes 6 to 8 hours to get there, depending on which island you want to visit. During the winter the service runs twice a week.
  • By ferry from Naxos: “Skopelitis”, the legendary ferry, runs daily during the whole year round and connects Naxos and Amorgos with Eastern Small Cyclades.
  • By ferry from the rest of Cyclades: The ferry: “Panagia Tinou” provides  weekly connections with eastern Cyclades. Every Monday it sets sail from Syros, via Paros and Naxos and heads for the island of Donoussa, Amorgos (Egiali and Katapola), Koufonissia, Schinoussa, Iraklia and then returns via Naxos and Paros to Syros.
  • By air: From Eleftherios Venizelos’ airport you can get to Piraeus’ port in half an hour. If you would rather get closer to Small Cyclades by air, you can get a flight to Paros or Naxos. Or you can get to all the islands by helicopter.


  • Road service: There is an asphalt road that takes you from the port to the north-eastern side of Donoussa. It goes through Kedros, Messaria, Mersini and ends to Kalotaritissa.
  • Sea service: Captain Nikolas’ small boat runs a regular daily service from Stavros to Kedros, Livadi and Fikio. You can also arrange a trip to Fokospilia and Kalotaritissa. If the weather allows it, he also takes you around the island, stopping at Xilobatis and Spilia tou Tichou.


  • Road service: A wide road takes you from the port to Finikas’ beach and the camping site. From the village there is an asphalt road that takes you to Pori, and another one that takes you to the petrol station and the helicopter airport.
  • Sea service: Kostas Prasinos’ small boat runs a regular daily service from the port to the beaches of: Finikas, Italida and Pori. Other small boats connect Pano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Koufonissi.


  • Road service: You can get from the port to Chora by following the asphalt road (1,2km). From Chora (the island’s capital) a wide road takes you to Messaria and then to Psili Ammos. Leaving from Chora again, there are two more roads: the one takes you to Almiros, Aligaria, Lioliou, Vazeou and the other one to Livadi.


  • Road service: Á 5km asphalt road takes you from Agios Georgios (the port) to Panagia, passing through Livadi and Kastro (castle).
  • Sea service: Captain Dimitris’ small boat, the famous “Anemos”, sets off daily at 10am from Agios Georgios’ port to Schinoussa. Around 11am, it gets back to Agios Giorgios, and then it goes round Heraklia, stopping at Alimia, Karvounolakos and Vorini Spilia. In the afternoon it returns to the main port.

Travel to Koufonissia

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