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Walking: From Stavros to Kedros or from Kedros to Messaria are ones of the most interesting walks. From Stavros to Kalotaritissa, instead of taking the asphalt road, one can even take the path that the locals used to take in order to get from the one village to the other.

Underwater explorations: Kalotaritissa’s bay with Skoulonisi has amazing turquoise waters and it is protected from both the north and the south winds. Fokospilia is further south: A sumptuous feast of colours under the water that becomes even more vivid with the refraction of the sun. One can also go inside the cave by boat, swim in its waters and climb on its cliffs. You can make a stop in Fikio, the small pier below Mirsini, or you could anchor for a while in Livadi, the nearby beach. If you are looking for a more secluded beach, keep on sailing until the next sea shore, Vathi Limenari, which is only accessible by the sea.

Fishing: The whole island of Donoussa is a fishery. Especially the reefs around Skoulonisi are heaven for the amateur fishermen.

Hunting: Autumn is when the migratory birds are flying over Donoussa.


Walking: The short distances between places of Koufonissi, along with the flat ground and the view to magnificent beaches, are ideal for walking even for the most hesitant walkers. A path, parallel to the south seaside line of the island, allows you to discover the beach that suits you best. Next to the path there are sand hills full of white lilies of the sand, a rare kind that can only be found in Cyclades.

Excursions: For the more relaxed amongst us, the same route can be taken by a small boat, thanks to the regular service. Boats running a regular service can also take you to Kato Koufonissi. And for the most intrepid visitors, who wish to have not only a beach, but a whole island to themselves, they can rent a small boat that will take them to the neighbouring island of Keros or to one of the numerous little islands and islets.

Sea Explorations: If there is one place where people get genuinely jealous of those who own a boat, that place is Small Cyclades and mainly Koufonisi. Not only because in that way you can discover the unique ‘prive’ beaches, but also because thanks to the short distances and the numerous small islets you can explore many different places.

Cycling: for those who prefer cycling to walking they can rent a bike and go all around Koufonissi.

Fishing: What is there to do on an island known as the utmost fishing place, apart from fishing? The island’s bays and the rocky caves are the ideal fishing spots for all kinds of fishing: spear fishing, rod and line fishing etc. And the temptation is so big that even if you are not a real fan of fishing you cannot resist. In any case the experience will offer you a great reward.

Hunting: Neighbouring Keros is the meeting point of hunters (wild rabbits and a great variety of emigrating birds).


Walking: go up from Mersini to Chora on foot and from there you could take the path that leads to Messaria. From Messaria the road takes you all the way to Psilis Ammos beach, as well as to Fikio and Gerolimnionas beaches.

Sea Explorations: Schinoussa’s port is the safest shelter for all kinds of crafts. Apart from Mersini you can also anchor at Psili Ammos bay that is protected from the etesian winds. With a boat or a dinghy you can pass through the shipping lane of Agios Vasilis and Fidoussa. Although you would be better advised not take the risk and go round Fidoussa.

Fishing: The “wall” created on the south side of Schinoussa by the rocks makes an ideal fishery for professional and amateur fishermen.

Surfing: In Almiros the north-eastern wind creates a slight wave, ideal for amateur surfing.


Walking: Iraklia has only one 4km road, so if you would like to explore the island you have to walk. There are several paths, most of them marked, awaiting to reword the mighty ones: from Panagia they take you to Ai Giannis’ cave, to Agios Athanasios settlement, to Profitis Ilias and to Tourkopigado.

Sea Explorations: If you go round Heraklia you will notice that the most amazing spots are on the south part of the island. There you will see the steep rocks of Mericha and the wreck of Alimias’ airplane,a remnant of the 2nd World War resting at 9m underwater. At the area between Xilobatis and Vorini Spilia there is an underwater cave, 2m below the sea level. It has a really narrow entrance and it used to be the seals shelter. If you take a trip to Mikro and Megalo Avela you will get the chance to admire some rare kinds of plants.

Fishing: Between Livadi and Tourkopigado there is Agriomelissa and Kokkinos Molos that offer a great fishing spot thanks to their reefs.

Hunting: On the top of Papas’ hill is the hunters favourite area. On the steep rocks of Merichas’ region is where a rare kind of lammergeyer finds shelter and it is therefore protected.

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