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Frequently Asked Questions about Small Cyclades


1. What is the likelihood of getting stranded on these islands in summertime?

2. Are there any local airports?

3. Are there any local helipads in the Small Cyclades?

4. Should I transport my car to the islands?

5. Which of the islands has a petrol station?

6. Are there any banks in the islands?

7. Are there any internet-cafes on the islands?

8. I doní»t speak any Greek. Will I be able to communicate with the locals?

9. Which island of Small Cyclades is the most touristic?

10. Which island of Small Cyclades is least visited by tourists?

11. What is the high season of the Small Cyclades?

12. In which island and on which period is it difficult to find accommodation?

13. Are there any pharmacies in the islands of Small Cyclades?

14. Is there a bus service in the Small Cyclades?

15. Is the water drinkable?

16. Which is most impressive sight to see in all of the Small Cyclades?

17. Is fishing allowed?

18. Is camping allowed?

19. Is nudism allowed on the beaches?

20. Are there any archaeological sights that I can visit?

21. Are there any local culinary specialities?

22. Is there anything that I should definitely not miss?

23. Where can I charter a private ship?

24. Which is the best season for swimming?

Short Answers for your Questions about Small Cyclades

1. There is a very small chance, since the mountainous islands of Naxos and Amorgos create a natural shelter from the powerful winds

2. There are no airports in any of the islands. The nearest airports are those of Naxos and Paros. Both islands have frequent coastal connection with the Small Cyclades.

3. Each island has its helipad. For information visit:

4. If you wish to, even though the distances are very small.

5. There is only one petrol station at Koufonissi. You will find it on the hill next to the helipad and will serve the needs of your car or of your ship.

6. There are no banks only ATMs on Koufonissi and Donoussa.

7. Even though there are not the classic internet-cafes that you know, you will find them in all the islands apart from Donoussa where there are facilities at the community Hall but only in the morning hours.

8. Even though there is a small tourist growth, in the islands you will face no problem since much of the young population speak English.

9. Ano Koufonissi; even though it is the smallest, it has the biggest tourist growth. It has the most lodgings and shops.

10. Iraklia is probably the quietest island of the Small East Cyclades, since the rhythm of tourist development is slow.

11. Summertime and particularly August, with perceptible differences from the remainder of the months.

12. Almost in all of the islands during the high tourist season, which is the first 20 days of August. It is more difficult to find accommodation in Heraklia and Donoussa because of the limited lodgings available.

13. The nearest pharmacies are in Naxos. However, the rural surgeries of the islands will cover your basic needs. For more information go to: www.smallcyclades.com/cyclades-services.asp

14. Unfortunately, there is no bus service in any of the islands. However, the distances from the settlements to most beaches are particularly small.

15. There is drinkable water. However, most people prefer bottled water.

16. Even though the islands are small there are a lot of things to see, with the most distinguishable one being, by common consent, the undiscovered cavern of Ai-Yannis in Iraklia. For more sightseeings check: www.smallcyclades.com/cyclades-sightseeing.asp

17. The local authorities will not prohibit you from fishing as long as you respected the environment and abide to the international rules of fishery.

18. According to the legislation, free camping is prohibited. However, you can use the "organised" campings in Donoussa (Cedros) and in Epano Koufonissj (Finikas).

19. Even though you will not find an organised nudistsí» beach in any of the islands, you can go to isolated beaches, away from the families.

20. All the islands have archaeological sights. For more details go to: www.smallcyclades.com/cyclades-history-culture.asp

21. The page http://smallcyclades.com/greece-cyclades-restaurants.asp1. will cover this question completely.

22. The "patatato" and "meletinia" constitute the trade mark of tastes of the local cuisine.

23. Fill in the form www.smallcyclades.com/cyclades-yachting.asp for anyone destination you wish.

24. Windless September is considered by many to be the best month, since the waves are lower and the waters are warmer.


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