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An exceptional work from a author who worshipped Schinoussa!


At least once a day a manager thinks to give up with everything. This story tells of a man who did it. This man discovers an island that welcomes him and meets finally his son. After almost twenty years of silence, and two days of memories and glasses of beer...

schinoussa - panagia

About the author

Claudio Forte was born on 03/11/1945 in Portici, in province of Naples. He is graduate in Chemistry Engineering, but he knows neither why nor how it happened. He managed some companies, and they are still there. He writes this novel between Monza and Lugano. Now he is only waiting to read it, his back rested to a rock on a beach. Finally in Schinussa...

Schinoussa stories
Lemnos 18 agosto 1997

If you want to order the book plese contact: info@smallcyclades.com

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